Storms in Gadsden destroy old, unique trees

GADSDEN, Ala. (WIAT) — Many in Etowah County have a lot to clean up Friday morning after the evening storms. Powerful thunderstorm winds, quarter size hail, and heavy rains pounded the area. A 150 foot tall sycamore was no match for those winds.

Bibb Holland narrowly escaped a tree from crushing her home. Bibb described the moments leading up to the tree falling, “I was in the back of my house on the phone with my mom…and I heard it fall you could tell it was a tree. So I got off the phone with her and came up and the wind was still whipping around like crazy then but I came up and saw all the damage.”

Bibb’s neighbor, Michelle Reed, who lives just a few blocks away wasn’t so lucky. “I was taking the dogs out and realized I couldn’t get out because the limbs were laying there,” Michelle said, “so I took them up and saw I couldn’t get out the side door because limbs were there too so I went into a little bit of a panic and saw this [tree].”

Two of these neighbors had one thing in common. These trees had a special spot in their hearts. Randy Holland remembers a unique feature about the tree that fell in his yard, “There were initials carved in that tree 50 plus years ago with hearts. Boyfriend/girlfriend initials so it was really neat. So I called one of the kids and she said, “oh it’s the one with the initials” so she was upset it was something she remembered from her childhood.”

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