Motorcycle safety tips for driving in the rain

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be very tricky. WIAT 42 News’ cameras were rolling on Finley Avenue in Birmingham Saturday night where there was a large down in the middle of the road.

Several cars went around the tree, but when a motorcyclist got close, he drove right into it. The man was thrown off his bike and pinned beneath it. WIAT 42 News photographer James Haack rushed to help him out, and other drivers stopped to help and called 911.

The man was conscious when taken away in the ambulance. During the time the man was on the road, street lights were flickering on and off, which made it difficult to see.

Richard Randolph, the Motorcycle Program Manager at the University of Montevallo, says there are several precautions people can take when riding motorcycles in the rain.

He says if the weather experts are advising cars to stay off the roads, chances are motorcyclists should certainly heed that warning, too.

However, that can’t always be the case for some people who depend on motorcycles as their only source of transportation. If you must ride in the rain, he says there are a few things to keep in mind.

“When the rain first starts, the road surface is going to be a little bit more slippery as the oil and water come to the surface and sit there,” Randolph said. “If you give it just a little bit of time and let the roads wash off, if you make sure when you ride, you ride in other vehicles tire tracks, via the left lane position or the right lane position within that lane, you’re more likely to have a wet but a good ride. A safe ride.”

He says if you’re in the beginning stages of your motorcycle riding career, be extra careful if you have to be out in the rain. If you don’t feel comfortable enough in your skills yet, don’t chance it. It’s better to be safe in these severe weather situations.

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