Mountain Brook police looking for person of interest in connection with missing wedding ring

MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WIAT) — Twenty-eight years ago, Caroline Bailey’s husband took out a loan so he could get his bride-to-be the wedding ring of her dreams. “He showed me three diamonds, and he always jokes that I got all three,” Bailey said with a laugh. Since they exchanged vows that wedding ring has been through tragedy and triumph with Caroline.

“It was on my hand for the birth of three of my children, it’s been there through the death of one of my children,” said Bailey. “It’s been through really happy wonderful times and sad times.”

Bailey said she cannot remember ever taking her ring off in public; that is, until last week. She was at a Verizon store in Mountain Brook to get a new phone, when out of boredom she took her band off to put lotion on her hands.

She said right after she put the ring in her lap, her name was called and she jumped up. The ring fell to the seat beside her. “I got in my car and immediately realized my ring was gone,” she recounted. “[I] came back in the store, and tore the store up and down with the employees.” The ring, which cost $30,000, was gone.

Cameras in the store may provide a lead. A woman is seen coming in shortly after Bailey dropped the ring, also seen on the camera. Police aren’t releasing the video, however Bailey has seen it. She says the woman sat beside the ring, and when she got up to leave it was gone. “To think that if somebody found a ring, I just can’t imagine not saying, “Hey, did somebody lose a ring?”

While the price of the ring is hefty, and it’s beauty is unquestionable according to Bailey, she wants the ring back because of what it symbolizes and all it’s been through with her. “It just means something that’s irreplaceable to me,” she said. “There’s never going to be another ring that’s that ring.”

You can see security pictures of the woman in the video above. If you recognize her or have any information, you’re asked to call Mountain Brook Police at (205) 879-0486.

Copyright 2014 WIAT 42 News

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