Finding cheaper textbooks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Textbooks are an important, and often expensive, part of the college experience. With the University of Alabama board of trustees scheduled to meet to discuss a potential increase in tuition for UA, UAB, and UAH, parents and students may need to look for new ways to save some money to deal with the tuition hike. One area they may be able to do that is textbooks. Here you will find a few sites to either buy or borrow your textbooks for less.

Buying textbooks online:

Postyourbook: college students posts their books here so it is a site where you can both buy and sell.
Bookboon: a site where you can download free eBooks and textbooks. an online marketplace for discounted items, including textbooks.
Chegg: a site to buy and sell textbooks, including digital ones.
TheCheapTextbook: a site to compare prices from multiple places.

Renting textbooks online:

BookRenter: a site to rent books for the semester or year that rewards you for returning books as soon as you are done with them.
TextbookRentals: a site that searches multiple sites for textbook rentals.
Ecampus: a site where you can rent books that also has a rewards system.
Chegg: site allows you to rent textbooks too instead of buying.
Amazon: Amazon also has a site to rent textbooks.
Barnes&Noble: the popular book store allows for textbook rentals.

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