Tuition increase frustrates students paying own way

(WIAT 42)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT)- Buffalo Phil’s has seen decades of students walk through its doors. Over the years, its servers have regularly been students as well, many paying their own way through college. Lauren Smith, a senior majoring in communications and psychology, is one of those. “I guess you just got to do what you got to do,” she said in between taking orders. “You work with what you got.”

She could have even more to work with, and for, if the University of Alabama Board of Trustees follows the Finance Committees footsteps. The committee approved a resolution to increase tuition at the University of Alabama and UAB, while allowing a slight decrease at UAH. The breakdown is as follows for in-state residents:

Alabama: + $188

UAB: + $188

UAH: – $17

Out-of-state students will be seeing an increase of $500 (Alabama), $413 (UAB), and UAH out-of-state students will see a decrease of $137.

“That’s quite a few tables,” said Smith. “The average college student tips between one and two dollars. You do the math on that one.” Smith knew college would not be cheap when she trekked across the state from Smith Station after high school; however, it’s getting tougher to keep a positive outlook. “When I graduate, I’ll be right at the tick of $20,000 in debt,” she said. It’s definitely scary, I hope i can pay it off someday.”

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