Adamsville residents protest treatment by local police

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The recent arrest of an elderly man in Adamsville has residents speaking out against the way they are treated by police.

Family members say 75-year-old Charles Click was at a gas station this week when an officer pulled someone over in the parking lot. When Mr. Click came out of the station he asked the officer if he had to block the pumps.

“The officer told him to shut his mouth and get in the car or he’ll put him in jail,” said Jerry Hooper, a friend of the family.

That’s when witnesses say the officer got rough with Mr. Click. He was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental operations and for having a pistol without a permit.

Residents say there are more people with similar stories after run-ins with police in the area.

Sherri Long says, her son was at the gas station and tried to come to Mr. Click’s defense. He was also arrested and given a ticket for not having a tag.

“It’s been an on-going situation here for a long long time and it needs to end,” said Long

Dozens gathered outside the Adamsville City Hall Saturday morning for a peaceful protest, in hopes that it will spark a change or at least a discussion with city leaders.

WIAT42 News has reached out to the mayor and police chief for comment and will update this story when their responses are received.

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