Copper thieves strike New Covenant Worship Center

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a reoccurring problem in Alabama – copper thieves targeting churches. This time, one air conditioning unit at New Covenant Worship Center on Kimberly Road was completely destroyed on Saturday. Thieves stole copper inside the unit behind the building.

Associate Pastor Timothy Douglas tells WIAT 42 News his church still has another unit for its 80 congregation members, and church service will still go on this Sunday.

“God is going to provide,” says Douglas, “I think whoever did it, God will take care of it. We’re just going to pray for them.”

Copper theftDouglas also says this is a rare occurrence in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. Johnny Donaod lives 2 houses away from New Covenant. He agrees.

“This is a nice neighborhood,” he says, “There aren’t kids running around or anything.”

In 2012, Alabama legislators passed a law to make it a Class C felony to steal and sell at least $250 worth of copper at a time. However, according to research we did here at WIAT 42 News, that number may be too high.

Scrap copper is currently selling for an average of $3.59 per pound. The average air conditioning unit contains approximately 5 pounds of copper, so whoever stole copper from the unit at New Covenant will make about $18. That person would have to sell copper from 14 units at once for it to be considered a felony in Alabama.

Meanwhile, it will cost New Covenant around $3000 to replace the broken air conditioning unit at their church.

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