Granddaughter with terminal cancer remembers “my angel”

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “He’s like my hero. He did everything he could to possibly make me happy.”

This is how Te’Erica Tolbert remembers her grandfather, Jimmie Moore, Jr., the only father figure in her life.

“He was a good man. Anytime there was a problem with me, he was there with me,” Tolbert said.

Tolbert lost her grandfather in January. She was in the hospital when she received the news from her family. Five days after Jimmie’s death, Te’Erica returned to the hospital. She would be diagnosed with stage four colon and liver cancer in late February.

“I asked the Lord to give me strength to go on because I need to be here for her,” said Yvonne Moore, Tolbert’s grandmother.

Yvonne has been given the strength to continue on as a support system for Te’Erica even after a heart attack in February.

“I had so much stress and strain on me and I was worried about her and thinking about him saying, ‘Why this? Why that?'” Moore said. “I could not get it because things were just happening back to back, but I’m so thankful and grateful that I made it through so I’ll be able to be here to help her because this is serious.”

Yvonne has been by Te’Erica’s side over the last four months as part of the support system to keep Te’Erica’s mind off her illness as much as possible.

Family is one escape Te’Erica uses to ease her mind. Writing is another.

“It relieves a lot of stress,” Tolbert said. “I love to write. I always write letters and things about God and my family and my baby.

“I have my moments when I think about him, I just get to writing.”

Tolbert also knows that while her grandfather is no longer with her, she finds comfort in knowing she will see him again one day.

“It will be a great feeling to me, and I know it will be a great feeling to him,” Tolbert said. “I feel like he’s my angel and he’s watching over me. For us to reuinite, it’s going to be a priceless moment.”

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