Humane societies rush to aid more than a dozen dogs



HALEYVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)- It isn’t an act of malice or hatred; rather, it’s the product of a heart that doesn’t know when to stop giving. Bonnie Lambert takes in all kinds of dogs, from strays to animals people no longer want. “I like to watch them,” she said in front of her home on the outskirts of Haleyville. “I sit and watch them for hours.”

Unfortunately, there’s too many to watch and properly take care of now. Kathy McNutt, president of the Marion County Humane Society, said Lambert currently has fourteen dogs living on her property. That’s after she and the Winston County Humane Society already took ten off Lamberts hands. “She’s had dogs dumped on her,” said McNutt. “They come here and drop them off because they know she has a big heart.” Several of the dogs are suffering from some form of mange. They are not vicious, rather they seem timid and afraid. McNutt said the Marion and Winston County Humane Societies have received a grant to help them properly take care of the dogs. Lambert is more than willing to let them go to a good home. “All of them, except for a couple,” she said with a laugh.

McNutt does not just want help solving this particular problem. She wants pet-owners to spay and neuter their animals, so there won’t be over-population and the risk of more strays. If you would like to help out with the dogs in Haleyville, you can contact either humane society:

Marion County Humane Society: (205) 924-3648

Winston County Humane Society: (205) 486-2426

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