Iraq War veteran tries out for Chicago White Sox at Regions Field

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Former Navy Corpsman Doc Jacobs got the chance to live out his dream on Tuesday morning at Regions Field – to try out for the Chicago White Sox. The 28-year-old was serving in Iraq when his humvee was blown up by an IED in February 2006. More than 60 surgeries later, Jacobs has a prosthetic left leg, but lost a few fingers. Despite that, he remains positive.

(WIAT-CBS42 Sebastian Posey)
(WIAT-CBS42 Sebastian Posey)

“Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you’re done and you’re a quitter,” he says, “I mean, get out. Do something that you enjoy and pursue your dreams.”

Jacobs is doing just that, while inspiring others around him. White Sox scout Kevin Burrell among those people.

“I’m just really humbled by a guy that’s out here and trying to live out his dream,” says Burrell, “It’s not a ‘got to,’ it’s a ‘get to’ attitude, and honestly I get to come out here and spend time with him.”

Jacobs says he’ll find out in the next three weeks if he made the team.

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