Drivers want Leeds road re-paved after several cars damaged by potholes

(Copyright WIAT 42 News 2014)

LEEDS, Ala. (WIAT) — Drivers in Leeds are tired of losing tires to a large pothole on Floyd Bradford Road. City crews filled in the pothole late Wednesday afternoon, but drivers say that’s just a temporary fix.

Danna Woodard knows the spot well. Her 16-year-old son hit the pothole, causing one of his tires to pop. His spare tire needed air.

“So they called my older son’s girlfriend to bring a compressor down to air up the tire,” Woodard said. “And when she came through, she hit the pothole and popped her tire as well.”

Both cars will need new tires. Woodard wants the City of Leeds to pay for it.

“I would like to be reimbursed for the tire that we’re going to have to replace on my son’s car that was fairly new. It was hardly worn at all,” Woodard said. “And her tires were new.”

Floyd Bradford Road runs through several municipalities, so different departments are responsible for certain sections of the road. Woodard said filling in the largest pothole is only a temporary fix.

“I don’t want it patched. It’s been patched and it has already broken back up again,” Woodard said. “I want it re-paved.”

Several other drivers contacted WIAT 42 News with similar concerns.

A spokeswoman for the Leeds Public Works Department said the agency does not have enough money in their budget to re-pave the road. The best crews can do is fill in potholes.

Drivers who paid for new tires because of this pothole can go to Leeds City Hall and fill out a complaint form to apply for reimbursement.

(Copyright WIAT 42 News 2014)




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