Attorney’s fight to ensure same-sex couples equal benefits across all states

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Some have likened the debate over gay rights and same-sex marriage as a fight for civil rights. Whether you agree with that interpretation or not there is one thing for certain, the debate isn’t going away anytime soon.

WIAT 42 sat down with attorney Edward Still about his fight to ensure same-sex couples, married in other states, receiving the same benefits under law in Alabama as any other couple.

Still says, “We cited in our complaint 39 different statutes that flow from the fact that a couple is married, and so in the same way that if we still prohibited interracial marriage we would be prohibiting those 39 rights, plus others, from the two people that are in that marriage.”

Still says Alabama’s laws make for a confusing situation, “That is the same thing we have here. We have folks that are married in one state then come here in Alabama and they are not married. Then they go to another state that recognizes their marriage, and they are married. It’s a confusing situation. You need a little guidebook to carry with you. Now are we married in this state, we just crossed the state line to Delaware, what’s the book say about Delaware? That’s the reason it ought to be a nationwide recognition.”

Tuesday on Wake Up Alabama April and Ginger Aaron-Brush of Birmingham share their story, and why they are suing the state over recognition of their marriage.

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