Gifs: Meet Pig the Dog

HELENA, Ala. (WIAT) — Meet Pig the Dog. Pig is a nine-month-old mixed breed that was born with a spine deformity that shortened her body.


Look at that face! It would be hard not to fall for the little puppy. And that’s what happened to Pig’s owner Kim Dillenbeck. Kim fell in love with her the moment she saw her just after Christmas in 2013.


Despite her rough start to life, Pig is in good health for now. In fact Dillenbeck has already started the process of making her a therapy dog.


“I want her to come in contact with as many people who can benefit from her strength and energy,” said Dillenback.


Pig has become a bit of a viral sensation, even sparking her own Facebook page. She’s appeared on news outlets around the country and created a stir at this yea’rs Do Dah Day pet festival in Birmingham back in May. For more on the story of Pig click here and for more photos click here.

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