Friends of Dewey Green in shock over murder charge

PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Brittany Rosser could not believe it. Dewey Green, her classmate from Pelham High School, charged with murder in Georgia. The only violence I can remember from him, is when some kids smacked him in the face with a two by four and he just came back at them,” she said. “He was trying to defend one of his friends.”

Wednesday morning, Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack said Green struck a woman with his car multiple times, killing her. “As she falls in the road way, he then backs up and goes in reverse over her and then pulls forward and runs over her again,” said Chief Womack.

“I don’t understand why…It’s not something we’re going to understand.” – Brittany Rosser, classmate at Pelham High School

Green loved skating in his younger years, which often led him to Faith Skate Supply. Owner Peter Karvonen said he’s known Green since he was around twelve years old, and saw his as recently as this past Saturday. “It was national ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ on the 21st. He and his crew of friends were down here,” said Karvonen. The owner noticed something different about Green while he was in the shop. “He was acting out of character, a little loopy.”

Before his Facebook page was taken down, friends of Dewey Green were posting support and asking questions, including Rosser. “I don’t understand why,” said Rosser.”It’s not something we’re going to understand.”

Green has a court date Friday morning according to Chief Womack.

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