Ross Harris calls from jail during son’s funeral

TUSCALOOSA,Ala. (WIAT)– Despite the fact that he was in a jail in Georgia, Justin Ross Harris was able to be a part of his son’s funeral Saturday.

Harris called his wife’s cell phone and was able to listen in as family and friends remembered Cooper Harris. After being put on speakerphone, he emotionally thanked everyone for “what you have done for my boy. I’m just sorry I can’t be there”.

His wife, Leanna Harris, told those in attendance, “This is not where I expected to be today”. She talked about how much she had prayed for a child, but given the opportunity, she wouldn’t want to bring Cooper back to a “broken world”.

Harris said she was not angry with her husband for what happened, and said “Ross is, was, and will be a wonderful daddy, if we have more children.”

She did not break down during the eulogy, and credited God for giving her the strength to get through all that has happened.

The family then left the church for a private burial at an undisclosed location.



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