Birmingham business owner accused of animal cruelty turns himself in

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The owner of a Birmingham pet grooming and boarding business, turned himself in to the Sheriff’s office. Officers raided that facility on June 12th. Acting on allegations of animal cruelty, investigators went into the Head to Tail Animal Care and Birmingham’s Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, known as B.A.A.R.C.

They removed more than a dozen animals saying the animals were kept in unacceptable conditions. Charges against the owner, Scott Kirkland, were announced Monday morning.

For investigators, like Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale, this is a crime that affects the entire community, “I guess folks could argue why do you care about animals when there’s a lot of crime and drugs and things like that, as a community we care about a lot of things. We care for our children, it’s important we teach [our children] the right life lessons and that is to stand up and care for those that depend on us, our pets.”

Some of the animals were returned to their owners, others are available for adoption. Scott Kirkland surrendered late Monday afternoon.

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