Zero tolerance for speeding – Hoover PD

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) —  How fast are you driving? Speed detection signs are meant to remind you if your foot gets heavy moving through the work zones on I-459 in Hoover. If that’s not enough a Hoover Police officer is more than willing to take it a step further.

First, there was the fatal hit and run which killed a construction worker on I-459 in May. Now after three wrecks claimed four lives in one week, the city is taking drastic steps to avoid any more needless loss of life.

Hoover Fire Department Executive Officer Rusty Lowe tells us last week is the deadliest he can remember.

“So that’s what’s really taken its toll, you know our numbers of calls are not up. It’s just the seriousness of the calls and the number of deaths that we’ve had,” said Lowe.

Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey tells WIAT 42 News that excessive speed was a factor in at least one of the three wrecks. Still, Hoover drivers tell us they see people flying on I-459 all too often, work zones or not.

“By my estimates are going you know 80 plus miles an hour, sometimes closer to 90,” said Coleman McPherson, Hoover Driver. “You’ve got to figure you know most people if they’re not concerned with safety they’d at least be concerned with you know the double fine things, but apparently that’s not much of a deterrent.”

“I go ahead and get off at the Galleria flyover just because I like to try to avoid all of that if I can. There’s been too many accidents and the fatalities and stuff and that’s just, you know I think it’s something people should avoid if they can,” said  Michael Jacobs, Hoover driver.

Hoover police will be more visible on I-459 and I-65 through the Fourth of July weekend, but Mayor Ivey tells us the zero tolerance policy is in place until further notice.

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