Who has the coolest, hottest job in the city

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Here in the south we’re used to the heat, and there’s no denying today was hot. But with temperatures hovering in the mid-nineties, it’s easy to agree there are some jobs that just don’t sit well in warmer weather. So we went around the city to see who really is winning and who is losing in the battle for the coolest job this summer.

At Good People brewing company, raging soccer fans scream, yell and jump in the open air warehouse. Behind the bar is John Obert.

“The beer is sweating, you’re sweating, it’s fun,” says bartender John Obert. “All the customers are sweating too. People come over here too aware of the heat.”

At the peak of the game, it’s wall-to-wall people and the temperature hovers near a hundred degrees. Now it’s a little more manageable at 91.5 degrees.

A few miles away over at Saws Barbecue, it gets hot in the kitchen! From the smoker, to the fryer, to the grill, to these onion rings that are currently over two hundred degrees, this grub is cookin’!

“I’m definitely back there sweating during the day,” says Jerry Whalen, an employee at SAWS Southern Barbecue. “I mean, most of them are sweating, are always sweating back there. But every body’s hot right now because if you look at my thermometer, it’s 90 degrees in here. And I have the air on.”

But when it comes to the food, “Oh, amazing,” says Whalen. “It’s definitely worth the heat, definitely worth the heat.”

When it comes to laboring under the sun, our friends in construction, lawn maintenance, as well as the men and women in blue can also get a little hot during the heat of the day.

So who has it the best? How about our friends working at The Edge movie theater in Irondale. It’s 74 degrees in the lobby. Another perk of working at the movies, you can catch the hottest summer blockbuster, like the new Transformers movie, on your lunch break, for free. And the temperature of an Icee, a chilly 35 degrees.

But not everyone agrees the movies are the best place to work in the summer.

“We’re a product of Birmingham, and the people who support us and our product and our brand. And we’re thankful for them,” says Obert. “This is home base and people come in here to try our beer or see our brewery. And they want to be here and they want to know and ask questions. So I think we’ve got one of the best jobs in Birmingham all the time whether it’s hot or cold or whatever is going on.”

Now granted we only got up to 92 degrees today in the city of Birmingham, but John says rain or shine, hot or cold, the loyal flock to Good People. We’ll see how

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