Keeping your pets calm during fireworks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — We may get a kick out of the bangs and explosions that the Fourth of July brings, but that’s hardly the case for many of our pets.

In fact, Veternarians report they are busy with requests from pet owners to do something to keep their dogs and cats calm through the weekend..

Doctor William Lamb, owner of Vulcan Park Animal Care says as a pet woner you need to be sensitive to you animal during this stressful time. Lamb says the pets don’t understand what the loud noise is, where its coming from, and it scares them.

The key is to understanding your pet and their nervous behavior. When the animals become afraid some go and hide, while others become destructive, others become clingy and sometimes they just pant and pace.

Dr. Lamb recommends finding a quiet isolated place in the home for your pet to stay while your family or neighbors use fireworks. Normally the best place would be the same spot your family goes in the event of a tornado warning. If that doesn’t work, consider turning on the TV or radio. Lamb says talk radio soothes pets. It provides a human voice and you can turn up the volume to hide the noise outside.

If your pet suffers from extreme anxiety attacks during thunder storms, chances are they will not do well with fireworks. In these cases, your vet can prescribe tranquilizers and anti-anxiety medications.

Also, some dogs, especially retrievers, can’t tell the difference between fireworks and a’ll want to make sure they are kept inside.


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