Large crowd gathers for Philip Lutzenkirchen funeral

MARIETTA, Ga. (WIAT) – The funeral ceremony for former Auburn football player, Philip Lutzenkirchen was Thursday in his home state of Georgia. Organizers estimate that around 1200 people attened the visitation at the Transfiguration Catholic Church in Marietta.

Loved ones, former teammates and lifelong friends gathered to honor the life Philip Lutzenkirchen.  The 23 year old was well known for his accomplishments as an athlete, but he will be remembered for far more than that.

Fellow Auburn Tiger and former teammate Lee Zimba says Lutzinkirchen’s number, 43, will always have a special significance to him now.

“Just something to remember him by and not only remember him as a person, but remember what he stood for,” said Zimba. “As soon as Phil opened his mouth you could tell he was different…just a wonderful friend, brother, teammate to have at Auburn. For someone younger than you, but someone that you could mold yourself after and an example to look up to is pretty special. ”

Georgia resident Rush Eskridge says he grew up with Philip Lutzinkirchen, played sports with him, and will dearly miss him.

“He truly has made an impact on this community, East Cobb, as well as Auburn. And we all miss Phil a lot,” said Eskridge.

“He leaves a legacy where it’s hard to look at photos right now. It’s still very numb feeling,” he continued.

Lee Zimba says for a person who lived in the spotlight, the fact that Philip Lutzinkirchen was a positive influence on others and didn’t get caught up in any trouble says a lot about his character.

“…just a very special human being and something we should all strive for,” said Zimba.

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