Bargain hunters hit shopping centers on 4th of July

LEEDS, Ala. (WIAT) — Some Alabamians chose to take advantage of the 4th of July sales at local shopping centers, like The Shops of Grand River in Leeds. We caught up with enthusiastic bargain hunters, who shared their secrets with us.

“Good shopping is getting coupons and looking for deals,” says one dad from Helena.

But not everyone was an enthusiastic shopper. Several husbands, along with some tired kids, parked themselves on benches in the shade, while their wives hit the sales racks.

“I’m gonna let her have her fun,” says one reluctant husband.

Ice cream and other frozen treats kept several non-shoppers preoccupied, which they enjoyed in the shade. But those hardcore hunters kept going throughout the afternoon.

“Everybody has deals at every store I’ve been in,” shares one shopper, “It’s like 50 percent off and you get to the register and it’s 80 percent off!”

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