Conservative Christians oppose Ala. education lottery

(Copyright WIAT 42 News 2014)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Conservative Christian groups have historically opposed the lottery in Alabama.

Now, John Killian, President of the Alabama Baptist State Convention is taking the same stance.

“I can safely speak for the Alabama Baptist Convention and say we oppose a state-sponsored lottery,” Killian said. “It would put the state in the business of gambling. Not only that; it’s a tax on the poor.”

But Vicki Clayton tells WIAT 42 some of her most reliable customers at Newborn Truck Stop are church-goers from Alabama.

“You come over here on Sunday, and you can pick the time,” Clayton said. “They get out of church and they come over here and play the lottery.”

Clayton said she sees no problem with this.

“I don’t think you’re supporting the devil,” Clayton said. “My take on it is you gotta’ be in it to win it, and you’re not going to win it unless God wants you to anyway.”

Nina Norfleet plays the lottery every other month in Georgia.

“The way I interpret the Bible is…they always use the classic thing, ‘Jesus turned water into wine,'” Norfleet said. “It’s when you overindulge, when you start taking away from things that are important like household bills. That’s when you get into the bad side.”

For Killian, the answer is clear.

“I believe the lottery would be a terrible policy for our state,” Killian said.

(Copyright WIAT 42 News 2014)

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