Odd statements from Leanna Harris raising suspicion of involvement in Cooper’s death


ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) — Leanna Harris, 30, has not been charged with any crime authorities will only say she is “part of the investigation.” But to legal observers her behavior the day Cooper died and since her husband’s arrest is odd, bordering on suspicious. In court Thursday she showed almost no reaction to the lurid details of her husband’s alleged sexting to a number of women the day her son was dying in a hot SUV.

On the stand Police Detective Phil Stoddard recounted the first words Leanna reportedly said when she showed up to her son’s day care and was told Cooper wasn’t there, “In front of several witnesses she states Ross must have left him in the car…they tried to console her and said there are 1,000 reasons and she said no.”

Later also during testimony authorities recounted what Leanne said to her husband when the pair were reunited at police headquarters after he had been charged with their son’s death. Detective Stoddard said that Mrs. Harris reportedly asked her husband, “well did you say too much?”

Lastly according to police documents Leanna Harris, like her husband, has told authorities she too used the internet to research the issue of children dying in hot cars prior to her son’s death. Justin Harris’s attorney says the couple was simply researching a government program warning against leaving children in vehicles.

But it’s Justin Ross Harris who has been arrested; claiming he simply forgot his son was in the car with him when he drove to work, and leaving him strapped in his car seat for close to 7 hours. Seven hours on a day when temperatures were in the 90’s. Harris says he only realized the mistake after he left work and was driving to meet friends, pulling in to a parking lot, according to witnesses shouting “what have I done?!”

Police doubt his claim saying the moment Harris returned to the car after work the smell of death would have been overpowering.

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