Harris personnel file released

(AP Photo/Cobb County (Ga.) Sheriff's Department)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – WIAT 42 News has obtained a copy of Justin “Ross” Harris’ personnel file from the time that he was employed as a dispatcher with the Tuscaloosa Police Department.  The documents detail Harris’ employment history, some drug use, and the results of a polygraph test that was conducted before his hire.  Harris was hired as a tele communicator basic with the police department in June of 2006.  He was promoted in his second year with the department, and then in May 2009, he resigned.

Harris, who graduated from Central High School in 1999, held a variety of jobs through the years including two positions with the University of Alabama; a position as a board operator and occasional DJ for Clear Channel Radio, and a layoff after working as a merchandiser for Coca Cola Enterprises.  Harris first applied for the position with the city of Tuscaloosa in June 2005.

During the year-long application process, Harris voluntarily submitted to background checks, interviews, and a lie detector test.  During that test, Harris admitted to trying marijuana once in 1997.  He also admitted to taking t-shirts from his radio station job without permission.  Harris neglected to mention, prior to the polygraph, that he had been asked to resign from a job with WVUA television.  According to his file, Harris only worked at the station for roughly a month between December 1999 and January 2000.  Harris claimed he was told that he was not “suited for the job”.  No other reason is given as for why Harris was asked to leave the television station.  In his application, Harris also admitted to two traffic violations for speeding.

The interviewer noted that Harris expressed an interest in long-term employment with the police department.


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