Justin Ross Harris’ Reddit profile and posts emerge in ongoing hot car death case

ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) — What are believed to be the words of Justin Ross Harris, written one year ago online are now taking on new relevance, as Harris is charged with killing his son. They’re on the social media site, Reddit where Cobb County detectives, like Phil Stoddard, say Harris read suspicious topic pages, known as subreddits, “He visited several sites, these subreddits… people who die. He went to a subreddit called child-free. He also did a search how to survive prison.”

Hundreds of comments, spanning three years under the screen name RoscoeUA with the most recent posted just hours before Harris’ arrest. One post shows RoscoeUA offering a Reddit user advice on how to avoid arrest, in the context of DUI. The post marked three months ago reads, “refuse to answer any questions. And ask if you are being detained. If not, leave…everything a police officer does during a possible DUI traffic stop means he is trying to build evidence against you. You should everything in your power to prevent this.”

There are posts about gratitude such as one from a year ago, about a new life in Georgia, “I am now in my dream job, have a beautiful 6-month-old son, and love going to work every day. I couldn’t be happier.” There are posts about difficulties such as the surprising challenge suggested during Harris’ probable cause hearing that defense attorney Maddox Kilgore will almost certainly revisit during any trial. “Would you be surprised to know that Ross is completely deaf in his right ear?  Did you know that?” asked Kilgore at Harris’ hearing on July 3rd while Detective Phil Stoddard was on the stand. It was something Stoddard had not been aware of before the hearing.

Harris posted about his hearing loss on Reddit. RoscoeUA explains, “I had a bottle rocket explode in my ear that was shot by friend. It caused me to have vertigo/terrible balance and facial paralysis for long time, thankfully after two surgeries I have no outward issues, I’m just deaf in my right ear.”

Investigators continue to scour Harris’ posts to better understand the man charged with killing his only child.

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