Local church takes new approach to ministering with new facility

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The congregation of Faith Chapel Christian Center opened the doors to the general public on Saturday to their new multipurpose facility, The Bridge.

The facility is almost 120,000 square feet and comes from a vision that Head Pastor, Dr. Michael Moore, had a few years ago.

“The Lord actually told him to build a facility that was unique and that would minister to the people, to our local church as well as the community,” said Antoinette Mays, the marketing director at Faith Chapel Christian Center. “He wanted a place that had a bowling alley, a place that had a reception hall, and so he wrote that down.”

Pastor Moore got his wish. The Bridge has six domes, each one housing different elements of his vision: a twelve-lane bowling alley, an event space called “The Venue,” a basketball gym and fitness center, and a kids indoor play yard called Xtreme Kidz.

” The church is normally meeting the spiritual needs, but that’s not all that man is,” Mays said. “We’re meeting the full needs of man. So, people have social needs, they have physical needs, and so this facility kind of bridges that gap.”

“This is ministering to people’s whole life,” church member Dave Young said. “Fitness, health, socially, just all the different things that make up a person’s life. I mean, I think it covers it all.”

When asked about ministering off-campus, Young said that nothing can replace that work of the Christian faith, but by having a facility like The Bridge, it can serve someone more completely.

“Once you bring them, once they come, what do you have for them?” Young said. “To be able to bring them not just the word in reference to the Bible, but to also show them, you know, we’re talking about health, well come to the gym, we have a fitness program.”

The Tuscan-themed bowling alley and thirty foot tall towers in the kid’s zone attracted people from around the city of Birmingham for the open house, and despite the unorthodox approach, the work of a church was seen by those in attendance.

“It’s very loving, this is all built from love, so I see much so a church environment,” said Tamika Driver of Roebuck after driving across town to visit The Bridge. “I would be willing to come over here for this. This is a very, very good environment and I’m all about good environments.”

“Every ministry has a different mission and it has a different reason for being there,” Mays said of The Bridge. ” So that’s the way we do it here at Faith Chapel Christian Center is this is our way of affecting the community.”

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