Signs of drowning not as clear cut as some people think

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Many people believe that it’s easy and possible to tell if someone is drowning. However in 2013 Kristina Sauerwein, whose son almost drowned, says there isn’t a tell-tale sign of drowning. “I thought there would be some sort of warning, some sort of cry for help, but it was silent and it was straight down – like an anchor,” Sauerwein said. “There was nothing.”

When her son was in the water and close to drowning, Sauerwein was only ten feet away from him. She had no idea that he was in trouble. Luckily, a lifeguard did and was close by. When a person starts to drown, their body begins to go into survival mode.

Deliberate actions, such as yelling or waving arms, are nearly impossible. There are some clues to look for, though. If a person’s head is low in the water or if their head is tilted back and their mouth open, they may be struggling or drowning.

Additionally, they may look as though they’re climbing an invisible ladder. Children may appear to be trying to roll on their back.

Experts say CPR is a vital, life-saving technique more than likely needs to be used after rescuing a child from the water. The American Red Cross offers CPR classes all year long.

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