Leanna Harris looking to add more legal help

ATLANTA, Ga. (WIAT) — The mother of Cooper Harris, the 22-month-old Georgia toddler who died inside a hot car is looking for extra legal help. Leanna Harris is expanding her legal team by including an Atlanta attorney who handles high-profile anti-defamation cases. CNN reports that she wants someone to examine how the media is covering the case of her son’s death.

Harris reportedly is speaking with attorney Lin Wood. Wood is best known for representing Richard Jewell. He was originally suspected in the 1996 Olympic Park bombings in Atlanta.

Wood also worked with the parents of Jon-Benet Ramsey, and Beth Holloway, the mother of mountain brook teenager, Natalee Holloway. Sources say the move to work with Lin Wood is Harris’ attempt to defend herself against tabloid media.

Leanna Harris doesn’t face any criminal charges at this time. Her husband, Ross Harris, is in the Cobb County Jail charged with felony murder.

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