City hopes “Southern hospitality” will win over DNC 2016 Committee

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Chuck Fausch, Mayor William Bell’s Chief of Staff, spoke to WIAT 42 News on Sunday evening about how the city plans on winning over the DNC 2016 Committee come Monday morning.

“I don’t think the committee would have come here if we didn’t have a legit shot,” he explains, “We think we did pretty good with the presentation, but there’s nothing like coming and seeing for yourself – Southern hospitality and we plan to roll out the red carpet.”

Faush says he plans on showcasing the Magic City’s rich history and culture – one of Birmingham’s big selling points.

“There’s nowhere else obviously in the world,” he says, “We just got through commemorating 50 years of civil right of really triump over tragedy.”

As for the city’s infrastructure and being able to hold all of the people that will potentially be coming to Birmingham for the convention, Faush says there’s a plan.

“We know a lot of other places can tout that they are big mega center, but as far as infrastructure and being efficient cost-wise, we know that people can afford Birmingham, have a good time in Birmingham, and still get the business that they need done, done,” he says.

Faush says he expects the committee to make a decision by the end of the year.

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