Alabama GOP welcomes DNC to Birmingham in letter

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Democratic Party National Convention site selection committee is in Birmingham for the next two days to tour the city. Birmingham is competing to host the Democratic Party’s 2016 National Convention. In a letter released on Monday from the office of the Alabama Republican Party, Chairman Bill Armistead welcomes the committee to the city. He goes into much more detail though in his letter so rather than sum it up here is the official release in it’s entirety.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead said he welcomes the visit to Birmingham today from members of the Democrat Party’s national convention site selection committee that is considering holding their party’s 2016 national convention in Birmingham. Below is the statement from Armistead:

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome the Democrat Party to Alabama to consider Birmingham as the location of their national convention. I can think of no better way for the citizens of our state to see the vast differences between the parties than to have the Democrats bring their radical leftist show here. It will be interesting to see if they try once again to remove God from their platform, right here in the heart of the Bible Belt.  

“It will be good for Alabamians to get a closer look at a Democrat Party which not only staunchly supports homosexual rights and gay marriage, but promotes this lifestyle over that of traditional families. The Democrat Party is also rabidly pro-choice and believes that the life of an unborn child can be terminated at will. 

“There would be no better way for us to contrast the differences between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party than for them to come here and confirm everything we know about them. I am sure their conventioneers will want to address Obama’s policies that have opened up our southern border for any and all to come into our country without documentation. The recent massive influx into the U.S. southern border states of thousands of children and youngsters, mostly from Central America, is a direct result of the complete disregard of enforcement of America’s immigration laws by the Obama Administration.

“So, yes, I do hope the Democrats choose Birmingham for their National Convention and explain to Alabamians and Americans why the Democrat Party, under the leadership of Barack Obama, has felt it was necessary to radically transform America rather than restoring it to the greatness we once knew.”

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