Warrants issued for West Alabama mayor


FORKLAND, Ala. (WIAT) – Forkland residents say their mayor is on the run from law enforcement. Warrants for his arrest were issued last week. Mayor Derrick Biggs was not at home when Greene County sheriff’s deputies went to serve him, but he allegedly informed the deputies that he would turn himself in on Saturday. Investigator Hubert Finch tells WIAT 42, Biggs simply didn’t show up.

“When you have arrest warrants, and you have knowledge of it, you’re suppose to turn yourself in,” Finch says. “We’ve made several attempts to apprehend him and place him in the Greene County Jail.”

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office obtained warrants for Biggs’ arrest on charges of first-degree theft and tampering with government records after town officials noticed discrepancies in Forkland Water Department deposits made by the mayor.

“So when we discovered that, that led us to go back and recheck the days that he worked in here,” explains Water Supervisor, Alonzo Thomas.  “That’s when we found those day’s sheets were missing, also, and the money was missing.”

A total of $6,413.19 is unaccounted for between December and April of this year.

“He admitted it,” Thomas says,” and he wanted to pay it back, and the councilmen just wanted to let him pay it back and let it go.”

However, many locals, including Thomas, feel that Biggs needs to be held accountable for taking the money. Biggs is actually the second consecutive mayor of Forkland to be accused of taking money from the town. Former mayor, Eddie Woods left office in Forkland while facing a theft charge, but that case is still pending.

“Got a new mayor in, and he promised us that stealing wouldn’t be tolerated,” says Priscilla Turner, a relative of Bigg’s and life-long citizen of Forkland. “Then money started coming up missing and we wanted to know why and who did it.  We want the money back, and want the same punishment from him that we got from the other people that did the same thing.”

Officials within the water department say Biggs was actually already away from the office on medical leave, but that he would turn up from time to time. Several locals say Biggs is claiming that he is currently in the hospital.

We spoke to his father, Councilman Robert Biggs, who told us he didn’t know his son’s whereabouts or if he had ever been hospitalized. Robert Biggs did confirm that he and his son share the same residence.

Police tell us they also heard the rumor that Biggs is seeking medical attention at a Birmingham hospital, however, they have never been told which one or why.

“He says he’s been up under the doctor,” Turner says, “and he won’t be back for awhile.  My concern is, if you’re planning on being out for 14 weeks, the city business had to go on.”

Investigators say Biggs has told them that he plans to turn himself in on Wednesday.

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