Locust Fork shooting could fall under ‘stand your ground’

LOCUST FORK, Ala. (WIAT) — Self defense or homicide? That’s what investigators are trying to figure out in the case of a shooting in Blount County. Early details point to domestic violence being a contributing factor in this case. WIAT 42 News was first on scene in Locust Fork yesterday as this story broke. Today we spoke with several investigators, the sheriff, and two defense attorneys, including the attorney representing the alleged shooter. We asked them all the same questions: is this a case of self defense and will Alabama’s stand your ground law be applicable?

Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind three days for the family that lives in the locust fork home in question.

“They’re very upset,” says Brett King, defense attorney for the alleged shooter. “There was a domestic incident that morning. The deceased was actually escorted off the property and actually taken to Jefferson County. And best we know right now is he actually walked on foot back the seven miles, was back in the house when he was discovered by the mother and the son. And soon there after he was shot.”

The deceased man has now been identified as 34 year old Ayatollah Mohammad. And according to King, the trouble between Mohammed and his clients mother actually started on Tuesday.

“There is a history of domestic violence,” says King. “And it is our understanding that he aggressively attacked her the day before the shooting in Jefferson County.”

Although there is only one incident of a domestic dispute on record in Blount County at the Locust Fork home, it’s on the same day as the fatal shooting. Famed defense attorney Charles Salvagio, who is not representing the family, believes this is a clear cut case of self defense.

“It’s a classic stand your ground,” says Charles Salvagio. “The person that was killed did not have the right to be where he was. The person that shot him did have the right to be where he was. He was justified in using deadly force if he thought his mom was going to be inured.”

And that is where the case lies, being about 36 hours into the investigation, Blount County isn’t ready to make a determination just yet.

“We can’t make any call right now until we get all the facts and determine what happened at the scene,” says Sheriff Lloyd Arrington.

We also spoke with the Blount County Defense Attorney. She tells WIAT 42 News that just like any other death case, they will present it to the grand jury and let them decide if it will move forward to prosecution. But at this point it is way to early to even make it to her desk.

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