Attorney says 14-year-old used 12-gauge in Locust Fork shooting

LOCUST FORK, Ala. (WIAT) — There are new details in the fatal shooting in Blount County involving a 14-year-old shooter.

The teenager is not facing charges right now, and his attorney is shedding new light on exactly what happened.

Attorney Brett King says they are pursuing counseling for his 14-year-old client. He still maintains the teenager was defending his mother, and for the first time, King revealed that the teen fired a 12-gauge shotgun twice in that defense.

The teenager’s defense attorney Brett King says the deceased man, identified by authorities as Ayatollah K Muhammad, did not live at the residence and wasn’t expected to be there Wednesday morning.

“He did not live in Blount County and from the impression that I have he was not a normal person at that house at all. He had been there once or twice in the last year or so,” said King. “It was not where he should have been.”

The attorney for the 14-year-old says the autopsy was expected to be completed Friday. Depending on what comes out of the autopsy,   law enforcement could make a decision about whether or not to bring in experts to reconstruct the scene, according to King.

He says there had reportedly been a recent incidence of domestic violence between the deceased and his client’s mother.

“It was reported that morning. But it did not occur within the jurisdiction so Blount County law enforcement wasn’t involved, but they did receive the report from the mother that there had been a strangulation recently. And my client was aware of that as well so you know he has this information that his mother’s been attacked and then he’s there as the deceased is removed and he’s contacted when he’s back,” said King.

King says the family woke up to find him in the house and called the authorities. The attorney says the teen’s mother told deputies the man had recently tried to strangle her. He adds that his client was aware of that claim when his mother texted to him to let him know Muhammed had returned.

At that point he said the teenager grabbed a shotgun, which the family keeps for protection, and then walked in on a situation between his mother and the deceased.

“I wouldn’t want to say fight. I would say he interrupted something, I think it’s okay to disclose that at this time, and again I don’t want to step on law enforcement because they’re still doing that, but there’s certainly evidence to indicate that the defendant had harm in mind with his appearance and the things that he had,” said King.

He says the 14-year-old fired two shots from a 12-gauge shotgun fatally wounding Muhammed.

As for why his client’s mother texted him, he says he can’t speak for her, but that his client was essentially the man of the house as his father was out of state working.

Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey says anytime one person kills another person it is considered a homicide, and the question then becomes whether  it was justifiable. She will submit the case to a grand jury when the investigation is complete.Casey says it is the policy of her office to submit all non-natural deaths to a grand jury.

King says he does not expect any charges to be filed prior to that.

“And based on the grand jury’s actions take you to provide a true bill or no bill and we don’t think my client will ever be charged,” said King.

“The evidence is supporting our theory of the case and our statements that were provided by us and other witnesses so we’re very happy with the investigation as it’s gone so far.  And will continue to be 100% cooperative,” he continued.

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