Homeowner believes stray bullet caused major house fire

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A couple’s home is heavily damaged after an overnight fire and they believe it was started by someone firing a gun at or near their home.

The fire broke out just before 11 Monday night in the 600 block of 14th Ave NW. Firefighters tell us one side of the house was engulfed in flames and the gas meter was burning when they arrived on the scene.

The man who lives there tells us he heard gunshots just before the fire started and he believes a bullet hit their gas line.

“Well I was sitting in the living room when I heard two shots that sounded like small caliber shots. Then I heard a third one, when I did I heard an explosion and the house rattled,” Mike Lann said.

Lann says he and his wife had to run from the house and leave all of their belongings inside. Their home, some of their cars, and most of their belongings were damaged or destroyed in the fire. The couple made it out without any serious injuries.

“We’re upset and we’re stressed and we don’t understand why. As you can see the fire department did what they could but it’s gone everything, we own is gone,” Lann said.

The Birmingham Fire Department says their investigators will be back out to the scene to try to find the cause of the fire, and see if someone did start the fire by firing gun shots at the home.

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