Are pre-packaged lunches okay for kids?

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – You want to provide a wholesome meal that won’t harm your student, but you may not have time to always prepare one. That’s where store bought pre-packaged lunches can come in handy. And while they may be a quick and easy solution, are they healthy?

Dr. Dan Carter with Children’s Hospital says, “They’re not awful, but I had rather a child get something than nothing. The only problem with the lunchables is that they’ve got a lot of sodium. Anything that is pre-packaged is just going to be packed with sodium. Which basically retains salt which makes kids’ blood pressure a little bit higher and can retain water and it’s a little bit heavy honestly. As long as you integrate in a natural healthy diet, otherwise I don’t think it’s wrong to do every now and then especially when you are pressed for time.”

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