Hawaii hurricanes threaten Ala. couple’s vacation

(Copyright WIAT 42 News)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Courtney and Greg Wolf love to travel. Their second anniversary is coming up, and their travel plans are secured to celebrate in Hawaii.

Tropical Storm Iselle whipped through the island and Hurricane Julio is close behind.

“We actually started to freak out because we didn’t buy travel insurance,” Wolf said. “We thought about it, and then we looked at the history of hurricanes hitting Hawaii.”

More than two decades have passed since a hurricane hit Hawaii. Now, Wolf and her husband are concerned. While both Tropical Storm Iselle and Hurricane Julio will likely be gone before Wolf arrives, she’s worried about the aftermath.

“We just hope, like, with what we’ve invested into the trip, that nothing’s going to be blown away or completely just not there anymore,” Wolf said.

Several airlines have cancelled flights into the island Friday, but some are offering to waive the cost of changing a reservation.

Wolf and her husband have already payed for their hotels and flights.

“So, we’re going,” Wolfe said, “One way or another, we’re going to go!”

(Copyright WIAT 42 News 2014)

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