Parents upset over possible redistricting of Hoover schools

HOOVER, Ala (WIAT) — Groans and cheers, that was the atmosphere tonight at Bluff Park Elementary School as parents heard the districts plan for school attendance rezoning. Although the meeting was closed to everyone except parents, WIAT 42 News spoke with several who weren’t happy with the proposal.

The meeting between Bluff Park parents and Superintendent Andy Craig lasted for two hours. Several parents say they only had some of their questions answered. Others say some parts of the proposal just didn’t make sense. Especially parent Curt Posey.

“We live literally two minutes away from the school,” says Posey. “It takes me two minutes everyday. On my way downtown to drop her off every morning. Now were moving to Gwin Elementary. And Gwin is the opposite way from work. My wife will probably have to take her.”

Which is why Posey is so frustrated. He says he moved here specifically to attend Bluff Park.

“I’m looking at my options,” says Posey. “Do I stay her? Do I go to Gwin? I’m not saying anything about Gwin. It could be a good school. Or do I say you know what? I’m looking at Vestavia and I’m looking at Homewood.”

Redistricting is just the latest issue to affect the Hoover District. Last year they planned to eliminate bus service. Now this redrawing of the elementary school attendance lines will depend heavily on buses to get students from one end of the city to the other. With no chance of them being able to walk to campus.

Even Superintendent Andy Craig agrees the proposal leaves students dependent on parents or buses. “No, No I wouldn’t suggest walking that route,” says Craig.

Despite some of those routes being ten plus miles, Craig says this proposal will help ease overcrowding and further desegregate Hoover City Schools. Parents say it doesn’t address the real issue which is growth.

“A friend of mine, who owned a house in Ross Bridge, knew they were going to need an elementary school, a high school, a middle school,” says Posey. “They knew years ago and and they could have been putting up and investing the capitol to build and they didn’t.”

At this time the redistricting is only in the proposal stage, nothing is set in stone. We also have no word on any additional meetings that have been planned whether public or closed.

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