Flooding in the desert


The remnants of former hurricane Odile (oh-DEAL) are bringing a renewed flood threat to the southwestern deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. The green outlined areas above indicate where flash flood watches are in effect. Portions of Phoenix and Mesa were underwater due to fast-falling tropical downpours (see the video). This is the second time in as many weeks that a landfalling Pacific storm in Mexico has drifted northward to create a flood threat.

Another Pacific storm meandering along the Mexican Riviera has become a hurricane. Polo, unlike it’s predecessors in this region, may head west to the Pacific Ocean:


The other storm in the Atlantic, Edouard (eh-DWARD), continues to steam through the north central Atlantic as a category 1 hurricane. It’s forward speed has increased and it is expected to weaken as it moves into cooler water by the end of the week:



Stay turned and count on the WIAT Storm Trackers to keep you updated on any new developments during the rest of hurricane season.

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