Hurricane season ends; quiet as forecast

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season ends November 30 and it was nearly a perfect forecast:

2014 Hurricane Actuals

Only one storm struck the U.S., Arthur, the first hurricane of 2014 became the first Category 2 to hit the U.S. since Ike in 2008. The early season storm brought damaging winds to the outer banks of North Carolina briefly disrupting July 4th beach-goers. Things were very quiet after that initial storm due to persistent dust clouds coming off the West African coast. That helped keep the ocean from warming during the summer. By the time Cape Verde storms began to form, they were turned away from the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico by persistent troughs of low pressure. The next real impact to populated areas came when Fay and the Gonzalo struck the island nation of Bermuda. Oddly enough, the Pacific hurricane season was more active. Hawaiians lost power and saw extensive flooding when Hurricane Iselle became the strongest hurricane to hit the 50th state in early August. A series of weakening storms around Baja California brought flooding rain to the desert Southwest U.S. and high surf to southenr California in August and September.

Read more about the season and new technology used to track storms, including drones here.

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