Hoover Superintendent meets with parents to talk rezoning

HOOVER, Ala (WIAT) — Making the rounds. For the second night in a row, Hoover Superintendent Andy Craig met with parents. But Instead of groans, tonight’s meeting in The Preserve was met with a much warmer reception.  WIAT 42 News was the only news station invited to attend. Superintendent Craig also made public the proposed rezoning plan today. He told WIAT 42 he’s taking the time to meet with parents to help answer all their questions.

“These types of events are kind of an ordinary, necessary thing in the life of a maturing city,” claims Hoover City Schools Superintendent Andy Craig. “And we want to do it right and listen to the community in the process.”

Tuesday night he faced a packed living room at a house in The Preserve full of Hoover parents. All of them want the same thing – quality education for their children. And after talking with Superintendent Craig and looking at the proposed rezoning and student redistribution map, they feel confident that’s what their children will get.

“Nobody wants to change schools,” says Laura Jackman, the mother of a first and third grader. “Nobody wants to travel long distances to schools. We’ve got to find the best solution for all the kids and we just want to make sure that’s been considered.”

For most, their only big concern is what happens as their children get older and reach high school age since the plan could potentially have them going to Spain Park instead of Hoover High.

“I think most of the people here were talking about, supporting that, making sure that we possibly build onto Hoover High School,” says dad Dan Colabrese. “Possibly make it a larger school. So that was really the solution we came up with here.”

Superintendent Craig says he wants to present the rezoning plan at the September board meeting. He hopes to get public input and a vote by the next meeting and then have it implemented for the 2015-2016 school year. Once the elementary school rezoning is set in place he would then tackle the high school redistricting.

To see the Hoover City Schools Rezoning maps click here

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