Photos from Ferguson compared to 1963 Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Images taken during riots and protests in Ferguson, Missouri are being compared to scenes from Birmingham in 1963.

Photos circulating online are being placed side-by-side with pictures from Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. In one image, crowds of people stand with their hands in the air as police officers with dogs stand guard.

In others, protestors are lined up standing face to face with officers in riot gear. The images are eerily similar to those taken during a tumultuous time in Birmingham’s history.

During the 1960’s, Bishop Calvin Woods was an advocate for the boycott of Birmingham’s segregated city bus system.
Woods spent six months in prison and and fined for his leadership in the Birmingham Bus Boycotts.
In 1963, he was arrested and beaten by Birmingham police for participating in public protests and was heavily involved in the
1965 protest of Birmingham’s voter registration procedures.
Woods says the parallels and comparisons could lead to a greater presence of civil rights leaders in Ferguson.
“Unless this thing is hurriedly adjudicated and settled, I predict people will be going there from all over the country,” said woods.
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