Blog: Mark Prater shares his personal struggles with depression

When we heard Robin Williams died, the question many had was, how did he die? Car accident, heart attack, what? When we heard suicide, all of those questions turned to “WHY?”. Everyone loved him. How could, a man So funny, rich and talented kill himself? Only Robin Williams knew that answer. It’s now come to light though, he battled depression. A disease, which unfortunately is like a pariah in our society.

His mind was so fast, funny and creative. Watching him was like watching a symphony of comedy or acting. It appears though, his brilliant comedy was a veil to cover his deep depression. This also likely helped lead to substance abuse problems on and off for him during his lifetime.

I, Mark Prater, have battled depression. Feeling hopeless and sad, not knowing why, is hard to explain. Depression is a disease. It affects millions of American’s every day. Dr. Josh Klapow, Clinical Psychologist and I discuss depression in this interview.

There are people who battle depression everyday around you…and you likely don’t know it. It CAN be dealt with and you can get out of it with the right steps. Little did people know, watching me on TV every day, I was struggling with depression inside. The reason I hid it was because of embarrassment, so you cover it with a different action.

I thank God for helping me put my ego and embarrassment aside, to get help with it by going to counseling and using medication to curb the disease.

Please share your thoughts and comments after watching the video. You – YOU, could help save a wonderful person’s life by knowing how what to look for and how to help them or yourself. If it’s you struggling, remember, you’re not alone in it. We’re all in it together and that’s why I’m sharing this side of my life.

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