Lego launches first-ever all female set


LONDON, Eng. (CNN) — A construction worker, the city businessman, and don’t forget the pilot; all professionals, all male Legos. If you wanted a professional lady Lego in the past you used to have to build it yourself. Now, Lego’s released a new set called “Research Institute” featuring: a scientist, an astronomer, even a paleontologist, and they are all female!

The set was released after 7-year-old Charlotte Benjamin noticed a gender discrepancy and her letter of complaint to Lego caused an internet sensation.

Benjamin wrote, “All the girls did was sit at home, go to the beach, and shop, and had no jobs.” While the boy figures, “Went on adventures, worked, saved people, and had jobs, even swam with sharks”.

Lego says it was already developing the new lady Legos at the time of the letter. Scientist Ellen Kooijman, who first submitted the idea for an all-female Lego set to the company’s website in 2012, also felt there was, “A rather stereotypical representation of the available female figures.”

Now, professional lady Legos are taking their rightful place amongst the men and leaders like Jo Swinson, British Minister for Women and Equality, say they’re creating new role models, “I think it sends that message that actually the world’s your oyster that girls as well as boys, whatever interested in, whatever they want to do is something they should aspire to rather than suggesting certain jobs or careers are for boys or other jobs and careers are for girls.”

At Lego shops around England you’ll still find the fire man rescuing the lady’s cat stuck in the tree and of course Bad Cop. But after Charlotte sent in her letter, demand for the new lady Lego has been so high that you won’t find it anywhere in local shops or even on the Lego website. They are all sold out! And they say it won’t be back for weeks, so until then you’ll just have to settle for something else.

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