Officials see a change in protests of Ferguson shooting on Tuesday night

FERGUSON, Mo. (CNN) – On Tuesday there was a change in dynamic on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Police say protesters were out early, and walked the streets peacefully. At one point, they locked hands in front of police, urging the crowd to remain peaceful Then around midnight, things changed.

“The agitators, the criminals, embedded themselves, and hid behind media,” said Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, “They began throwing bottles they threw urine on officers.”

Officers chased down the so-called “agitators” and made 47-arrests. However, there were no molotov cocktails, tear gas, or shootings.

“I believe there was a turning point made.” Capt. Johnson continued, “And I think that turning point was made by the clergy, the activists, the volunteers, and the men and women of law enforcement who partnered together to made a difference.”

Attorney General Eric Holder will visit Ferguson for an update on the investigation into the shooting that set off the protests. A state prosecutor is expected to start presenting evidence to a grand jury, which will consider whether or not to indict Darren Wilson, the officer accused of shooting Michael Brown.

However, Benjamin Crump, the Brown family lawyer, says the community doesn’t necessarily trust the grand jury process because it’s closed to the public, “…and the grand jury come back and says we find it justified, him executing this kid in broad daylight, I think that will be very problematic for this community to accept.”

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