Birmingham police talk about recent rash of violence

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Birmingham police are investigating nine homicides that occurred in less than one week.

Lt. Sean Edwards with the Birmingham Police Department says even one homicide is too many, but despite the recent uptick, the overall the crime rate for the city has gone down.

This time last year there were 48 homicides in Birmingham compared to 34 this year.

The department has been able to make some quick arrests in response. Edwards attributes that success to a growing number of people within the city being more willing to come forward with information.

While police can’t get inside the minds of those who are about to commit a crime, Edwards says the department has a key focus for curbing crime.

“There are several things that we’ve committed to do in our city. It’s focus on people and their behaviors and focus on those places that some of those behaviors are taking place. The officers are working, investigators are working, community involvement, just a partnership.”

The overall goal is to make Birmingham a place where criminals don’t feel comfortable.

“Those who are thinking about committing a crime in our city, we want them to be so uncomfortable in our city to where if they commit a crime, that the citizens will come forward and give us the information we need to solve the case hold that person accountable,” said Edwards.

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