Tuscaloosa RV lot owners combine business with tailgating

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Saturday, the Alabama campus will be flooded with Alabama fans for the first home game of the season. A lot of those people need a place to stay and a place to tailgate. That’s why every weekend during football season, some people make a business out of opening their properties to tailgaters.

Five years ago, Bruce Taylor branched out into the RV lot business.

“I truly stumbled into this one,” Bruce Taylor said.

The contractor and businessman says he knew some Alabama fans that needed a place to park their RV’s, he had the land, and the Bama RV Station was born.

“It’s just grown every year and this weekend there will be 50 RV’s here full of Alabama fans,” Taylor said.

Now, Taylors says of all his business ventures the RV lot is the most fun.

“We got the greatest fans right here. If anyone wants a real party environment come out here. This is a real treat on the weekends it really is,” Taylor said.

Benton Chambliss and his wife are just getting started in the business. They decided to open up the 11 acre property next to their home as an RV lot.

“We really and truly think it’s going to be very successfully here,” Benton Chambliss said.

The property has been in the Chambliss’ family for 75 years.

“My grandfather bought this back in the 1930’s,” Chambliss said.

It was first a dairy farm, then a mobile home park, and now it’s Tuscaloosa’s newest RV lot. Chambliss says he and wife already have about 15 RV owners coming to stay this weekend. They hope eventually to fill the lot up with about 100 RV’s.

For more information on these RV lots and how to reserve a spot to stay, click here.

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