NorthPark Baptist members meet to pray after UPS murder suicide

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Members of the NorthPark Baptist Church met Tuesday evening for a prayer vigil after one of their members killed two former UPS coworkers, then himself.

According to pastor Bill Wilks, Joe Tesney and his family have been members of his church since 2003.

After the news of the fatal shootings began to spread through the community, Wilks posted a message to the church Facebook page saying that the Worship Center would be open “for the North Park family to have a time of prayer.”

“There is not really much you can say, except that we hurt. Our heart hurts with you. Our hearts are broken. We want to help carry your burden and we are here for you,” Wilks said.

Wilks said that Tesney taught Sunday school in the past and was involved in the weekly church services.

As the sun set, the church parking lot filled with cars.

“You come together, and you love each other, and you cry together, and you pray together. Our hearts are broken for everybody effected by this,” said Wilks.

In all his years as a spiritual leader, Wilks said he has never dealt with a tragedy at this magnitude.

Wilks confirmed that Tesney was troubled over his work and financial situation. He says you never know how bad people are hurting.

“How do you ever know somebody would do something like this? How do you ever understand why? I don’t think any of us ever will,” Wilks said.

This Sunday, Wilks is planning to preach a service that he hopes will be comforting and encouraging to his congregation of over 1,200.

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