WIAT 42 goes behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WIAT) — WIAT 42 was invited to go behind the scenes of a new show that premieres Tuesday September 23 on WIAT 42, NCIS: New Orleans. The show films in the Big Easy and we got a sneak peek while the cast and crew shot scenes and also did one on one interviews with the cast.

The cast of NCIS: New Orleans was introduced on NCIS in a two episode special in the spring.

“The idea was to try and introduce these characters and see how the response was see how the network felt about us as a possible new team and how the viewers responded and happily we’re back so we must have gotten a little bit right and now we’re just going to try to get it more right,” Scott Bakula told us.

Scott Bakula plays the team’s leader Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride, based on real a real Special Agent D’Wayne Swear.

“We’re shooting here, it’s his town, there’s a great line ‘My city my way’ and it’s a good marriage,” Bakula said.

WIAT 42 also caught up with Alabama native Lucas Black who plays Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on the show.

“It’s great to be in New Orleans close to home. The people are great, it’s great to be with my fellow southerners,” Lucas Black said.

It’s a brand new show to the NCIS franchise but fans will see familiar faces from time to time like Joe Spano who has played FBI agent T.C. Fornell since the original NCIS pilot.

“There are some situations which have to involve the FBI which are outside the jurisdiction of NCIS or of local law enforcement so hopefully if I am lucky I will be the person to fulfill those demands,” Joe Spano said.

NCIS New Orleans will be on Tuesdays nights this fall at 8 PM only on WIAT 42.

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