911 tapes of UPS shooting show fear, chaos

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — The panic, fear and desperation can be heard in newly released 9-1-1 calls.  Today we got a better idea about what it was like when accused gunman Joe Tesney walked into the UPS facility on Tuesday and opened fire.

Woman: There’s just people out in the building we need people here now!
Operator: Ma’am, I have several units coming, ma’am
Woman: Oh please
Operator: I need you to stay calm. I have several units coming
Woman: crying

Chaos, panic, disorientation, fear. The time right around 9:30 a.m.

Man: Um someones been shot, someones been shot.
Operator: Someone has been shot?
Man: Somebody has been shot girl. Somebody is on the ground, blood is everywhere.

Woman: we need police, medics, we need everybody.
Operator: Whats going on?
Woman: Um we had somebody come in – shut the door!
Operator: Ma’am what’s going on?
Woman: What happened? I don’t know what happened. – they’re shot, we’ve got people shot.

Birmingham Police received several calls that day. Almost all were from inside UPS

Operator: One person hit.
Man: I did not go near the area, but I did see one person fall
Operator: Sir what area is it in?
Man: It’s in a office

Operator: Ma’am?
Woman: They got…ohhhhh nooooo
Operator: Ma’am I need you to calm down and give me a description of the person that did the shooting.
Woman: (crying)

Man: Oh my gosh there’s blood all over the place.
Operator: Ok there’s an extreme amount of blood at this time. But everyone else appears to be ok?
Man: Everyone is fine but the guy that shot those two people turned the gun on himself for a total of five shots.

Five shots, that took three lives and traumatized hundreds more.

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