Widow of UPS shooting victim shares impact on four-year-old twins

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For Tiffany Hutcheson, it’s been an overwhelming week. Thursday she had to break the news to their two boys.

Right now she’s trying to hold herself together while preparing for her husband’s funeral. Doug Hutcheson started the week in the prime of his life.

“I know once everything dies down it will be even harder because you know we,we were together 17 years, married 11, we were friends before we even started dating. So we always say we’ve been together over half our lives…so… it’s going to be a big change,” said Tiffany Hutcheson.

Not only Tiffany will have to adapt, but also their twin four-year-old boys. They idolized their father and he adored them. When he wasn’t working they were inseparable and had a routine weekend breakfast trip, just the three of them.

“He was an amazing friend and he’s a great dad. Our boys hero worshipped him they referred to him as their best friend and so now that they know he is in heaven. They’ll say my best friend’s in heaven. But it’s been said he never met a stranger. He’ll find a punch-line in anything,” said Hutcheson.

Tiffany says it’s hard to put her feelings into words right now.

“Of course overwhelming sadness, but I am, there’s a little bit of anger you know. But shocking because again you know at 33 years old to this happening with someone you’ve known so long that… but overall just a shock and sad probably would be the best way to describe it,” said Hutcheson.

She says her husband, Doug, and 46-year-old shooting victim Brian Callans were good friends outside of work and frequently seen together at the UPS Customer Care Center where the shooting occurred.

Friends and family members of both men say Hutcheson was working his way up the management chain and Callans was his mentor.

Hutcheson was a driver supervisor and Callans was a business manager according to a UPS spokesperson.

Tiffany Hutcheson tells us UPS workers are also honoring the two men by raising their hands in a two finger tribute to symbolize Brian Callans and Doug Hutcheson.

The Callans family and Hutcheson family say there are two authorized funds set up to help the survivors of Doug Hutcheson and Brian Callans.

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