One Class at a Time: Crumly Chapel Elementary

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — You can’t learn effectively unless you have the right tools. That epiphany motivated one Alabama teacher to take action!

In this week’s One Class at a Time, Crumly Chapel Elementary teacher, Anna Theros realized that the three desktops her 25 students were sharing just weren’t enough.

She’s this week’s winner of a $1000 grant from the One Class at a Time program. Let’s just say, the money is already spent! “I’d like to buy three Chromebooks. They’re around $300 and with tax they’ll be around $1,000. That’ll give me six devices with internet access for students,” Theros said.

Mrs. Theros teaches math and says her fourth graders need more technology just to keep up with the times. “In middle school and high school, you complete most of your assignments on computers, so, getting them used to that in elementary school is really going to prepare them for middle school, high school and college.”

Thanks to some help from One Class at a Time, Mrs. Theros is making sure her class will be connected to the present, and the future.

To apply for the WIAT 42 One Class At A Time grant, which is co-sponsored by Pepsi and America’s First Financial, click here.

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